Aquanauts Tech Traineeships: Comprehensive, All-Inclsusive Packages for New or Experienced Divers

Whether you're new to technical diving or looking to push the limits, Aquanauts has designed an all-inclusive traineeship package for you. For one discounted price you get a selection of courses, study materials, gas, equipment rental, certification fees, private accommodations and even free recreational diving! Choose from our Introductory, Intermediate or Advanced traineeships or customize your own! Additional options and upgrades are also available. See the options below to get started.

Introductory Technical Diving Traineeship

If you're a recreational Advanced Open Water Diver (or equivalent) looking to get started in tech diving, then Aquanauts' Introductory Technical Diving Traineeship is the place to start. This one month package builds the foundation you'll need for tech adventure and gets you started with DSAT's Tec Deep Part 1. Read all the details.

Intermediate Technical Diving Traineeship

If you've logged more than 100 dives and have your deep diving and enriched air certifications, then you're ready to take on Aquanauts' Intermediate Technical Diving Traineeship. You'll tackle decompression diving to 50 meters, become a Cavern Diver and discover the joys of rebreather diving. Of course, like all our traineeships, accommodations and all the extras are included. Read the details.

Advanced Technical Diving Traineeship

If you're already an experienced Tec diver and ready to take your education the next big step, then Aquanauts' Advanced Technical Diving Traineeship is for you. The package includes technical wreck training, closed-circuit rebreather, trimix diving to 92 meters and your first cave diving course. This course is not for everyone and doesn't come cheap, but you'll not find an offering that is as complete or as good of a value. Read more...