The Tech Technician: Photos from Samui EasyTek in Pattaya

Posted on 11/28/09 2 Comments

DSCF3466Among Thailand’s dive community there are a select few people who’ve achieved a reputation as being a “genius” in their particular area. When it comes to service and technician services, one of those people is Steve “SB2” Burton, an acclaimed technical diver in his own right and also the man behind Samui EasyTek.

A friend of Steve’s has paid a visit to the Pattaya office of Samui EasyTek and brought along a camera so you can see for yourself the hosptial lab-like environment has created. His ASSET courses, which can be booked through us here at Aquanauts, are first rate and his exacting nature both leads people to bemoan the state of their own gear and nod in respect to his training.

Some excepts from the photo blog:

In case you do not know Steve is a technical diver and supplies all of the schools in the area with expertise and repair faculties for all of their equipment, plus he trains people to service equipment,

now here is a choice, you can have a new 2 bedroom house or this bit of kit, this is one of 5 compressors Steve owns, as an aside he can pump the same number of SCUBA tanks as any TWO other dive operations put together in Thailand.

See all the photos from EasyTek HQ here.

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