The Hel02: Suunto Finally Releases a Trimix Computer

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This blog focuses on tech diving in Thailand, not equipment, but some developments are too significant to ignore, like this week’s announcement that Suunto has finally released a trimix dive computer.

Dubbed the Hel02, has full mixed-gas capability, is rated to 120m and incorporates the new Suunto Technical RGBM algorithm, which is based on the RGBM algorithm used in all current Suunto computers.

hel02The algorithm introduces helium tissue groups in the decompression model to enable trimix diving, as well as diving on air and nitrox. It allows eight gases to be programmed as primary or secondary gases, and enables oxygen content of 8-100 per cent, and helium content of 0-92 per cent.

The full feature list from Suunto:

  • 8 gas switching
  • Suunto technical RGBM algorithm (including helium tissues)
  • Deep stops
  • Matrix display
  • Dive profile displayed graphically on the screen
  • Seamless collaboration with dive planner
  • Expanded personal adjustmentOther main features:
  • 2 operating modes (Mixed gas, Gauge)
  • Complete decompression data
  • Suunto tech. Deep stop RGBM
  • 42h logbook and profile memory
  • Lifetime history memory
  • Profile memory bookmark
  • Wireless tank pressure
  • 300 bar compatible
  • PC-interface
  • Multi step ascent rate indicator
  • Altitude adjustment 0-3000m (0-10000ft)
  • Automatic safety stop countdown
  • Extended decompression range (ceiling, floor)
  • Calendar clock
  • Electroluminescent illumination (back light)
  • User-replaceable battery
  • Depth display range 0-150m (0-450ft)
  • Audible alarms
  • Max. depth alarm
  • Display shield
  • User-selectable metric or imperial units

The Hel02 is, of course, not the first trimix computer. Aquanauts has been a dealer for the VR3 for some time and other options have also been available. However, the Suunto is the first model from a mainstream dive computer maker and will be price more affordably than previous options.

The Hel02 is scheduled to be available in May. No official word on pricing, although some European retailers have it at around 700 Euro. Aquanauts is an authorized Suunto dealer and will have the Hel02 available at a special price for Thailand Tech Diving readers.

Of course, you may want to wait before snapping up a Hel02. Suunto’s track record on initial computer rollouts could be better. The D9, for example, was subject to not one, but two, recalls in its early days.

For more, there’s the official Hel02 site here and a brochure here.

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