TDI Basic /Advanced Gas Blender Combo

This one day course trains students both as a nitrox blender and an advanced gas blender which includes use of nitrox and trimix and Haskel pumps etc. This course teaches students the knowledge necessary for the full range of gas blending, a basic requirement if you are looking to blend nitrox in a club environment or if your looking for work in the diving industry.

TDI Basic Gas Blender

This course provides the training required to allow candidates to competently and safely blend nitrox gas. Students Should leave the course with a good understanding of diving gasses, blending systems, handling of oxygen equipment, and filling rates to name a few. Students will be required to blend a minimum of four nitrox mixtures to within +/- 1% of the target mix for their practicle application.

Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to train candidates in the proper techniques, equipment requirements and hazards involved in blending nitrox gases for recreational and technical scuba.

Graduate Qualifications

Upon successful completion of this course, graduates may engage in the blending of nitrox gases, without direct supervision

TDI Advanced Gas Blender

This one day course trains students to blend trimix and use advanced blending techniques including the use of Haskel pumps etc.

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