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Attend the Thailand Premiere of ‘Lost and Found: Legacy of the USS Lagarto’

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“Lost and Found-Legacy of the USS Lagarto,” the Emmy Award-winning documentary about the mission, sinking and — 60 years later — discovery of the USS Lagarto, will debut in Thailand at a Dec. 12 event in Koh Tao hosted by the MV Trident, the famed wreck hunters who found the U.S. submarine sunk by the […]

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Diving Grave Wrecks: How Great the Difference?

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When it comes to diving shipwrecks, some feel there’s a distinct difference between diving wrecks sunk as artificial reefs (or insurance payouts) and wrecks on which people died. Many of these underwater tombs are only accessible to technical divers who both feel the thrill of seeing history close-up, but feel the weight of the events […]

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Closed-Circut Divers Australia & MV Trident’s Gulf of Thailand Virgin Wreck Expedition

Posted on 06/23/09 1 Comment

The following is a trip report by Lance Robb of Closed-Circuit Divers in Australia which last month chartered Koh Tao’s MV Trident for a week-long tech liveaboard. If you’ve got a great Thailand tech diving trip report, use the Contact form to let us know. The MV Trident usually operates out of Koh Tao and […]

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U.S. TV Movie Explores MV Trident’s Discovery of USS Lagarto in Gulf of Thailand

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American public television this weekend will debut a documentary about the mission, sinking and — 60 years later — discovery of the USS Lagarto, a U.S. submarine sunk by the Japanese during World War II in the Gulf of Thailand and found by Jamie Macleod and the crew of Koh Tao’s MV Trident. “Lost and […]

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Thailand’s Fabulous Technical Wreck Dives

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A good overview of the development of Thailand’s dive industry — particularly technical diving — was recently published by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. A bit basic for experienced tech divers, the article nonetheless offers interesting background on the Gulf of Thailand’s many wrecks accessible to technical divers. Two of the most popular new activities […]

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