Samesan Hole Featured on WebEcoist

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The famous “Samesan Hole” was featured recently on stylish blog WebEcoist in a feature on some of the world’s deepest and most dangerous dive sites. It’s a bit of a misnomer, as the site notes the sites are only dangerous if you don’t have adequate technical dive training.

Similar to Valhalla Missile Silo, the Samaesan Hole in Thailand is a 90-meter-deep former military ammunitions dump. Technical divers come here to practice on trimix. It’s called an ‘explosive dump ground’ on marine charts because it contains unexploded bombs.

Ballsy divers have to bring multiple lights since sunlight doesn’t penetrate the depths, and the currents are extremely strong. It’s said to be fascinating but unfortunately, no one seems to have taken any photos.

Website Greatest Dive Sites elaborates on The Hole by saying:

The Samaesan Hole is probably your best bet if you would like to dive with trimix. She is right into the middle of the busy shipping lane between Ko Chuang and Ko Samae San and reaches depths of ninety meters. Only go here with the proper training as there is nothing to see above sixty meters.

Bring multiple lights, dive computers and the proper equipment. It is considered a dive site with one of the strongest currents in the Gulf but on top of that is named an explosive dump ground on marine charts because of all the unexploded bombs. It is right into the middle of the shipping lane where huge oil tankers can ruin your day as they go as deep as your last three safety stops. The site is used as a military waste and ammunition dump site, so you might find some nice things.

The Hole is, of course, a popular dive site among the technical divers and staff at Aquanauts. You can read more about the site here and if you’re interested in doing a trimix or rebreather dive or course at this challenging site, let us know!

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