U.S. TV Movie Explores MV Trident’s Discovery of USS Lagarto in Gulf of Thailand

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American public television this weekend will debut a documentary about the mission, sinking and — 60 years later — discovery of the USS Lagarto, a U.S. submarine sunk by the Japanese during World War II in the Gulf of Thailand and found by Jamie Macleod and the crew of Koh Tao’s MV Trident. “Lost and […]

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MV Trident Embarks on May Expedition

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Thailand’s pre-eminent technical wreck divers, the MV Trident, will embark on their next expedition May 18. The “Closed-Circuit Divers Australia” group has booked many of the spaces on the tech liveaboard, but more spaces are still available. The Trident’s Jamie Macleod says the trip will be both a mix of wreck-hunting and diving known wrecks […]

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Trimix Now OK on Tec Deep Course; DSAT Mulls More Course Changes

Posted on 04/28/09 1 Comment

DSAT Tec Deep students can now use normoxic trimix on their final course dive under a change announced today by PADI’s technical diving arm. The change in standards is the first result of a series of conferences DSAT is holding around the world to map the future of the Tec Rec program.

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Deep Exploration of Thom Song Hong Cave

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Unbeknownst to many tech divers around the world, Thailand is speckled with caves and caverns from north to south, many of which have never been fully explored. Earlier this month Aquanauts’ Roger M. Smith and fellow ANDI Instructor Bruce Konefe tackled the vast Song Hong cave, accessed via a sinkhole in remote Trang province. Dived […]

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Photo Log of Cavern Diver Course at Thong Pha Phom (2008)

Posted on 04/06/09 3 Comments

We finally got our hands on the photos from Aquanauts’ Cavern Diver course last fall at Thailand’s Thong Pha Phom near Kanchanaburi and what a great surprise they were. ANDI Instructor Roger M. Smith led the course for Aquanauts interns (and now PADI instructors) Greg Hannigan, A.J. Rankin and Scott Clark. Hannigan was behind the […]

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The Hel02: Suunto Finally Releases a Trimix Computer

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This blog focuses on tech diving in Thailand, not equipment, but some developments are too significant to ignore, like this week’s announcement that Suunto has finally released a trimix dive computer. Dubbed the Hel02, has full mixed-gas capability, is rated to 120m and incorporates the new Suunto Technical RGBM algorithm, which is based on the […]

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Cavern Diving at Thailand’s Khao Sok

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Thailand’s southern islands and coastline are dotted with cavern and cave systems tech divers are anxious to dive. Aquanauts has the advantage of being centrally located so we can dive the southern caves as well as those near Kanchanaburi. One we haven’t done yet is Khao Sok on the southern side of the Gulf of […]

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Diving the Caverns of Thailand’s Thong Pha Phom (Feb. 2009)

Posted on 03/15/09 5 Comments

Leaving behind the hustle and bustle of Pattaya, a group of Aquanauts instructors and interns last month embarked on a four-day expedition to the scenic mountains of western Thailand’s Kanchanaburi region for the ANDI Cavern Diver course. The site was the network of caves and caverns at Thong Pha Phom.

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Samesan Hole Featured on WebEcoist

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The famous “Samesan Hole” was featured recently on stylish blog WebEcoist in a feature on some of the world’s deepest and most dangerous dive sites. It’s a bit of a misnomer, as the site notes the sites are only dangerous if you don’t have adequate technical dive training. Similar to Valhalla Missile Silo, the Samaesan […]

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Cave Diving in Thailand

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In the previously mentioned article on the development of technical diving in Thailand, the Tourism Authority of Thailand gives a good, if basci, overview of not only reef and wreck diving, but the increasing prominence of cave and cavern diving in the Land of Smiles. Divers experienced in the use of tri-mix can enjoy some […]

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Thailand’s Fabulous Technical Wreck Dives

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A good overview of the development of Thailand’s dive industry — particularly technical diving — was recently published by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. A bit basic for experienced tech divers, the article nonetheless offers interesting background on the Gulf of Thailand’s many wrecks accessible to technical divers. Two of the most popular new activities […]

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