Halcyon Recalls 20,000 Pieces of Tech Diving Equipment

Posted on 10/02/09 No Comments

A big announcement from tech-equipment maker Halcyon. Today the company announced a broad recall of products across its product line for fear they may pose a drowning risk. Halcyon Manufacturing Inc. in cooperation with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has initiated a voluntary recall of select Eclipse, Evolve, Explorer, Pioneer and CCR35 buoyancy compensator’s […]

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Phuket’s Coral Reef Squadron 90% Destroyed

Posted on 09/09/09 1 Comment

When the CMAS-backed Thailand Diving Association came up with the idea last year to sink a bunch of aluminum airplanes and helicopters, the near universal non-TDA opinion was it was a pretty stupid idea. Not only would the corrents in Bang Tao Bay play havoc with the site, but metal itself would quickly deterioriate before […]

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The crew of the sinking Chart 1 bulk-carrier ship clamber aboard life rafts in the Andaman Sea. (Photo: Phuket Gazette)

A New Andaman Wreck? Storms Sink Thai Bulk Carrier

Posted on 09/01/09 1 Comment

A Thai bulk cargo ship went down in during storms in the Andaman Sea Aug. 23 about five miles from the Phang Nga Naval Base, about 55 kilometers north of Phuket. All hands were rescued but the ship sits at the bottom of the ocean while owners and authorities sort out the insurance issues. Will […]

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Revised PADI-DSAT Tec Rec / Tec Deep / Tec Trimix Course Structure & Flowchart

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As described earlier here, here and here, PADI’s DSAT technical diving division is overhauling the Tec Rec program, chopping up the Tec Deep and Tec Trimix courses into smaller, easier to digest pieces. The Tec Deep course will be broken into three parts, called “Tec 40,” “Tec 45″ and “Tec 50,” signifying the depth in […]

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Gary gets steadies himself on the dive platform.

Never Too Old for Tech

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We all know that age is not a significant barrier to recreational diving. People can learn to dive — or even become instructors — in their 60s. But technical diving has generally been a younger diver’s game. The number of people who learn to tech dive in their 50s is much smaller than that of […]

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Unique Challenges for Women Tech Divers

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While women have firmly established themselves in recreational diving, the fairer sex’s profile past the 40-meter mark is considerably smaller. As Lady Divers magazine’s Misty A. Martin points out in an article published this week, tech is still “an all boys club.” Not only have equipment manufacturers not offered the same range of tech gear […]

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Aquanauts' Roger M. Smith (center) with the MV Trident's Jamie MacLeod (left) and Stuart Oehl. The Trident's famed deep wreck explorers finally got CCR certified with Aquanauts' help.

Aquanauts Gets MV Trident’s Jamie Macleod and Stuart Oehl CCR Certified

Posted on 08/12/09 5 Comments

When it comes to wreck hunting and exploration in Thailand, there are few who can rival the experience of the MV Trident’s Jamie Macleod and Stuart Oehl. But what may surprise many is that nearly all their technical expeditions have been done on open-circuit, not closed-circuit rebreathers. “We’ve been meaning to get some proper training […]

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Pro-Tech Phuket Upgrades Facilities, Adds Courses

Posted on 07/30/09 2 Comments

Changes are afoot at Phuket’s Pro-Tech Dive College with the opening of new facilities the boss gaining new closed-circuit rebreather ratings. Construction of Pro-Tech’s new facility in Chalong has taken about six months, but is now complete, the company says on its Tech-CCR News & Events blog.

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Diving Grave Wrecks: How Great the Difference?

Posted on 07/28/09 No Comments

When it comes to diving shipwrecks, some feel there’s a distinct difference between diving wrecks sunk as artificial reefs (or insurance payouts) and wrecks on which people died. Many of these underwater tombs are only accessible to technical divers who both feel the thrill of seeing history close-up, but feel the weight of the events […]

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A Urak Lawoi fisherman, near Ban Saladan. (Photo: Jennifer Phelps Quinn via Flickr)

With No Training, Thailand’s ‘Sea Gypsies’ Successfully Treat DCI

Posted on 07/26/09 No Comments

With no technical training, indigenous fishermen of Thailand Andaman Sea have successfully treated nearly two-thirds of those who suffer decompression illness through in-water recompression. The Urak Lowoi, better known as Thailand’s “sea gypsies,” make their living fishing using surface supplied air on the islands of Phuket, Phi Phi, Lanta, Lipe, Jum and Adang. While the […]

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How to Use the Finger Spool

Posted on 07/23/09 1 Comment

Another of our “how to” TECHnique columns. Today we again visit with Duane Johnson who gives us a primer on finger spools, which can be very useful tools when used properly. But they can be a total nightmare if you aren’t paying attention.

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Ted Conner, 45, poses in a photo posted to his Facebook page the day before he set out to dive the Unicorn wreck on which he apparently died this week.

Technical Diver Dies Off Koh Tao (Updated)

Posted on 07/21/09 5 Comments

Editor’s note: The story below, while tragic, should not be construed to mean that diving the wreck mentioned in this post is any more dangerous than any other wreck. Properly trained, diving any wreck is safer than riding a bicycle. But, even with good training and conditions, accidents can happen. Some, as events in the […]

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Budget Dive Travel to Thailand: Thai Airlines Launch Low-Cost Fare War

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Encouraging news today for those living or traveling in Southeast Asia. Both Thai Airways International and Bangkok Airways have launched an assault on low-cost carriers such as Air Asia, offering discounts of 20 percent on individual journeys and booklets of tickets good for a year in and around Thailand.

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Trimix Narcosis & Calculating Your END

Posted on 07/16/09 No Comments

How narced do you want to get? If you’re upcoming dive plans include helium you’re paying for out of your own pocket, then the question of how much nitrogen narcosis you can tolerate is a relevant one. If money were no object then, studies show, heliox would be the obvious choice. But when you’re footing […]

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Double Tec Deep Course Puts Students to Test

Posted on 07/14/09 No Comments

Aquanauts today wrapped up another two DSAT Tec Deep courses, this time for Dharshana Jayawardena of Sri Lanka and Gary Smith, one of Aquanauts’ PADI Instructor and technical-diving interns. Both found the course extremely challenging, but hugely satisfying. We joined the two students and TecRec Instructor Dan Beldon on Saturday for the final day of […]

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