MV Trident Wreck Hunting & Diving Schedule for 2010 Out

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Thailand’s premier wreck hunters, the MV Trident, have published their 2010 schedule and it looks like more deep diving fun. From the base in Koh Tao, tech trips will depart every couple of weeks and fall into three categories (based on direction from Koh Tao): northern, eastern and southern routes.

mvtridentThe Northern Route trip runs 3-4 days with maximum depths of 50-60 meters. Wrecks iInclude, the HTMS Pangan, Coastal Tanker, ‘Pornsri’ and Vlado (cargo ships). The trip is suitable for Deep-air divers, open circuit tech courses (Adv Nitrox and ERD) and trimix training.

The Eastern Route trip runs six days with depths up to 80 meters. Wrecks include the Tottori Maru, Seacrest Drill-ship, Araosan Maru, Akela Maru, SS Carrie, ‘Big Boy’, Nanmei No. 5 Maru and the Sakura Maru. Suitable for trimix CCR divers and open-circuit trimix divers.

The Southern Route runs seven days. Wrecks include the  ‘Solimoes’, Kinrei Maru, Tairyu Maru, ‘Canvas Wreck’, [and the USS Lagarto on special request only].

For the full schedule, see the MV Trident’s newly renovated website.

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