More Ayesha Cantrell: ‘Tek Chicks’ Looks at Why There Are Fewer Women in Tech Diving

Posted on 11/26/09 No Comments

tec-chicksShe is prolific, that’s certainly one thing you can say about tech instrucor Ayesha Cantrell. In another post to the DSAT TecRec Blog, she talks about what its like to be a woman among the many men in technical diving.

Female technical divers certainly seem to be in the minority and I always seem to be stuck on a boat with guys comparing hose length and discussing penetration. Imagine how happy I was to teach my first female student and have an all girls tech team. That prompted me to try and understand why there are considerably less of us and maybe break down some of the barriers.

Easy to tell from that snippet that she’s probably been in Thailand too long! But she does go on to ponder why fewer women go into tech.

It doesn’t actually seem that long ago that ladies were in the minority on recreational boats and I hope the numbers of tec chicks will increase too. But please don’t make me wait too long as I really need to have a serious conversation about crotch straps.

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