Koh Tao Ferry Wreck Is Down There Somewhere, But Big Blue Couldn’t Find It (Yet)

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nightboat1A large wooden ferry that shuttled goods between Koh Tao Island and Chumphon Pier sunk one night in late April. The crew was recovered, but the Save Koh Tao group wanted to find the wreck. So they contacted Big Blue Tech on the island to do a survey and environmental assessment.

The problem is, Big Blue can’t find the wreck.

According to a post today on the company’s blog:

After all the planning, warming up, translating gps coordinates and scanning the sea bed with not only sonar but also several technical divers we were left with nothing…

…In cooperating with the Save Koh Tao commitee and divers from schools throughout Koh Tao we scoureded every inch of the area with out a slight hint of wreck or even a fish.


To be fair, Big Blue did warn a couple of weeks ago in a post about the warmup ot the wreck-finding mission that it wouldn’t be an easy job.

Unfortunately the nature of wooden boats is that it won’t last long unless it’s quite deep. So tomorrow morning bright and early we set off with several technical divers to find the missing ship. However before that we did a dry run with some warm up skills to show the more recent technical divers what to expect and what skills they should enhance.

The ferry went down during a period where Koh Tao was getting slammed with high winds and big waves. The crew was rescued without injuries, far from the actual sinking site, so finding the boat was always going to be problematic. Big Blue put its best face on the failed first attempt to find the wreck, but promised to try again.

The day wasn’t an entire loss. Our technical diving interns got more time in the gear, previous students were given free technical dives and divers were shown the process of shotting a wreck and searching.

We’ll be returning to this area with future divers after more research is done into the tidal movement on the day the wreck went down.

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