How to Attach a Timing Device

Posted on 11/25/09 No Comments

A watch. That’s what we’re talking about. Not a dive computer. Not a depth gauge or bottom timer. Simple right? If you think so, you’ll want to have a read through Duane Johnson’s latest “how to” post.

Now I know your next statement, “I wear my watch on my wrist.” Certainly that is a logical place to wear a watch, but many times we don’t have that luxury.

When I travel to warm water diving locations, I normally wear a 3mm full suit or shorty. These suits are thin enough that I can wear both bottom time/depth gauge and watch on my right wrist. Unfortunately, I don’t get to dive in warm water very much. So that means I dive my dry suit 99.999% of the time. A watch, with a normal band, will not fit on my wrist. It’s mostly due to the thickness of my undergarment, dry suit material and rings for dry gloves.

 One option of wearing the watch would be to cut off the watch band and attach the watch to the bungee that holds my bottom time/depth gauge. Another option is to replace the watch’s band with bungee that will fit over my dry gloves. Both can work. But I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like any clutter on my arms.

So what’s the solution? Read more to find out.

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