How Heavy Is Your Dive Bag? A Guide to Airline Baggage Weight Allowances and Restrictions

Posted on 05/29/09 No Comments

How heavy is your diving gear bag?

We all buy that great tec gear so we’re kitted and fitted the way we want. But traveling with it is not only a pain, it’s become frighteningly expensive.

The U.S. PADI America’s Instructor News Blog today has a guide to weight allowances for major U.S. carriers, which they promise to keep current.  For those with travel to Thailand in the cards, the chart does show international weight limits as well.

Weights of about 22 kg / 50 pounds are pretty common. Some have more, some have less. But one thing remains true: Go over the limits and you’ll pay dearly.

Maybe it’s time to start a Diver Airlines?

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