Diving Sunken Villages in Thailand

Posted on 11/24/09 1 Comment

Ayesha Cantrell, one of Thailand’s best-known technical divers due to her long list of published articles and photos, is back again, this time on the DSAT Chat blog with another look at Khao Sok National Park, which we talked about yesterday, and, in particular, the sunken villages there.

underwater-stalactities-khao-sokWhile the underwater the terrain remains largely uncharted, gradual, careful research and exploration has located many divers’ playgrounds with many new sites waiting to be discovered. There are villages at the bottom of the lake just waiting to be explored as well as cave systems waiting to be named. The team are on the hunt to locate an old mountain pass which due to the water level is now a long swim though! I can’t wait for that one!

There’s plenty to see well within the lightzone with some stunning overhangs and rock formations to swim around. Swimming around some of the stalagmites and stalactites you will be both dwarfed and awed by the gradual march of nature that has created these behemoths. The fresh water had preserved the submerged trees and at certain points it can be like swimming around an enchanted forest. For the more adventurous it’s the perfect place to complete cavern or cave training and if you’re already certified then you’ll be like a kid in a candy store!

Aquanauts will be running more courses in December to Khao Sok, so if you’re looking to get your cavern or cave certification, or just do some great fun tech diving, contact us.

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