Normoxic & Full Trimix Courses

Frequently promoted as the holy grail of scuba diving, Trimix is often thought to be so horrifyingly complex that you must take 4-8 levels of training before you can use it. In reality mixing a tank of Trimix is no more complex than mixing a tank of Nitrox. The fact is, diving and helium were made for each other. Breathing high partial pressures of nitrogen is hard on the body. Replacing it with helium for even single-tank dives as shallow as 30 meters is reasonable and and what it in the 40-50 meter range is miraculous. You’ll remember your dives, perform better under stress and you feel better afterward. Of course, Trimix is best known for its use on deep dives and Thailand Tech Diving’ courses can take you to any level you want to go.

TDI Tri-Mix Courses

Two courses are available from TDI:

ANDI Trimix Courses

ANDI’s Training Levels program includes two tri-mix courses:

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