Gas Blending & Technician Courses

There’s more to technical diving that just what happens in the water. The well-rounded tech diver can blend the mixed gases they use as well as service and maintain their regulators, tanks and other equipment. Aquanauts’ gas-blending and equipment technician courses will make you the complete tech diver and, for professionals, give you an edge in the job market.

Nitrox & Trimix Gas Blending

More people are diving with mixed gases, which means the demand for enriched-air fills is also increasing. To safely mix oxygen and helium, however, you need to be properly qualified. The courses below will do just that.

Service Technician & Equipment Specialist Courses

Whether or not you intend to work in the dive industry, you will benefit from training in dive equipment maintenance. The technician courses below will provide you with the training and practical experience you can use for your own benefit or to land that perfect job.

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