Cave & Cavern Diving Courses

Most cave divers agree that the reasons they enjoy exploring natural overhead environments are difficult to verbalize. Maybe it’s underwater caves are so beautiful. Perhaps it’s that caves are free of wind, waves and surge. Or it could simply be that cave divers know they’re doing something unsuitable for the average diver. Fewer than 1 percent of all divers possess the the knowledge, skills, experience, attitude and judgment necessary to dive caves safely. If you think you’ve got what it takes, Aquanauts can train you to earn a cavern or cave certification you can be justifiably be proud of.

Get Started with Caverns

Before you can dive caves, you must get certified to dive caverns. And even recreational divers can enjoy this first taste of overhead environments.

Cave Diving

Cave diver training is a multiple-step process. Choose your agency and take the plunge!

Cave / Cavern Expeditions

Want to see Thailand Tech divers’ cave and cavern divers in action? Check out the Thailand Tech Diving Blog.

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