Central Thailand’s Largest Menu of Tech Diving Courses

When it comes to technical diving, no one in Southeast Asia offers a wider selection of courses than Aquanauts Dive Centre. The only center in Thailand to offer novice-to-instructor training with 13 different scuba diving certification organizations, Aquanauts offers dozens of different courses. In fact, for each type of course, you can choose from several different agencies to be certified under.

Use the links below or the navigation bar at left to choose the type of course you’re interested in. Note that many of these can be combined, such as doing a rebreather on trimix. Alternatively, you can take several courses as part of an all-inclusive internship package that includes courses, manuals, certification fees, equipment and accommodations.

Rebreather Courses

Aquanauts is the only dive center in Thailand to offer training to the instructor on six different models of rebreathers. You’ll be amazed at how much better rebreather diving is. Enjoy long dives wtih no bubbles to scare away the marine life! Choose from the following rebreathers for more information on courses for each:

Cave & Cavern Diving Courses

Discover a hidden world by earning a certification to dive underwater caves and caverns! Explore the stallactitle-laden grottos of Thaialnd and Southeast Asia while learning techniques that will make you a safer diver in or outside of caves. Aquanauts offers cave and cavern courses from four diving organizations.

Technical (Decompression) Diving

Ready to go beyond the 40-meter recreational, no-decompression diving limit? Discover the world of technical deep diving, where long bottom times are the norm and every dive is an adventure. And you can learn deep diving under five different diving organizations.

Trimix Diving

When you want to go really deep, you’ll need to breath trimix. The magical blend of helium, nitrogen and oxygen not only will leave your head clearer, but allows you to reach depths you could never do on air or even nitrox. And Aquanauts is the only dive center in Pattaya to offer trimix courses to 100 meters.

Technical Wreck Diving

There’s wreck diving and then there’s technical wreck diving. What’s the difference? Extreme pentration. Longer bottom times. Reeling in and out of a wreck with a blacked out mask with a buddy breathing off your octopus. If you’re up to the challenge, Aquanauts has several courses to satsify your urge to get wrecked.

Gas Blending & Technician Courses

Hardcore tech divers don’t just take the gas that’s handed to them. They blend nitrox or trimix themselves and service the cylinders they go in. As Thaialnd’s most-complete technical dive center, Aquanauts offers these gas blending and service technician courses:

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