Bangkok Post Recycles Konefe’s Intro to Thai Tech Diving

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This has been printed elsewhere online before, but Bruce Konefe’s “Diving in Thailand” ran in Thursday’s Bangkok Post in a nice spread that highlights the increasing popularity of technical diving in Thailand.

Konefe, a freelance instructor who was worked with Aquanauts off and on for years, got a great platform to introduce tech to a broad population and may even entice some to try it out based on the way his story was edited to appeal to the masses.

As time passed, word spread of Thailands superb dive sites, and dive shops became increasingly competitive in the support they were able to offer advanced divers. This included offering specialized mixed breathing gases, larger volume diving tanks, double tanks, auxiliary tanks and underwater scooters. As these resources have become more readily available, seasoned divers have been able to open the door on a whole new world of exploration. An intrepid breed, they are often referred to as technical divers. Respiration is the over-riding concern in diving.

The human body is profoundly affected by the compressed gases breathed underwater. Air normally contains about one-fifth oxygen to four-fifths nitrogen gases which when breathed at surface level are perfectly normal. But once a diver passes beyond normal recreational dive limits, they become potential killers.

The full article can be read here.

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