Ayesha Cantrell Showcases Koh Sok for Under Water Photography Magazine

Posted on 07/07/09 2 Comments

magazineAyesha Cantrell, perhaps the best-known female technical dive instructor in Thailand, is giving diving in The Kingdom some more good press with a photo essay on the impressive caverns of Koh Sok National Park in the coming issue of Under Water Photography magazine.

Cantrell, who worked a number of jobs in the U.K. and abroad before discovering her diving passion, is a skilled photographer and videographer who has actively promoted tech diving — especially in Thailand and particularly for women.

Cantrell was profiled by her hometown newspaper in late 2008 and interviewed  by the excellent Dive Happy blog in 2007 and Diver Wire in May.  She also authored this article about technical diving in Thailand, this one about tech diving for women, and this report in the U.K.’s Diver magazine on diving the USS Lagarto. Her photographs have also been featured in Bangkok Airways’ inflight magazine.

Now she’s back with a new photo essay. After a recent dive trip to Koh Sok, she said, the folks at UW Photo approached her about doing a piece. The result is an 8-page spread that shows off the caverns few divers have seen.

Khao Sok National Park in Thailand is an area usually visited for the ancient rain forest, jungle trekking and wildlife spotting opportunities. This lush area is dominated by 165kmsq lake which was created by a damming project, limestone pinnacles tower out of the water creating a stunning vista all around. Transport is by traditional Thai longtail boat only and the area is peaceful and serene. The damming heightened the water, flooding some amazing formations that have all but passed into history. Careful exploration and research is beginning to locate some of these submerged sites and this is what I was here to document.

The full text of the article can be read here and an Acrobat version of the layout with photos here.

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