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Technical Diving & Trimix

Dive deeper and longer than you ever imagined by entering the world of technical diving.

You'll see things you never saw on any recreational dive and go where few divers ever dare. Aquanauts offers full courses from TDI, DSAT and ANDI to get you started to take you 90 meters deep in Pattaya using Trimix. Learn more:

SCR & CCR Rebreathers

Ready to take diving to another level? Discover rebreather diving, where you re-use your air to dive longer and with shorter decompression times.

New divers can start now with the Draeger Semi-Closed Rebreather while more experienced divers can strap on the world's most-popular closed-circuit unit, the APD Inspiration.

Cavern & Cave Diving

Explore diving's ultimate frontier, cave and cavern diving. Leave behind reefs and wrecks and discover the thrill of overhead-environment diving.

You need not be technically certified to get started as a Cavern Diver. But if you are tech-certified, you can continue past cavern and on to Intro to Cave and full cave courses.

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